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Final Fantasy VII

Traditional RPG
Final Fantasy
  • September 7, 1997
  • October 2, 1997
  • November 4, 1997
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A gaming revolution

A Final Fantasy VII review Author: LittleCactaur Published: October 17, 2002
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Final Fantasy VII. The RPG that opened a whole New World to gamers and single handedly revolutionized the way people visualize video games. From the First FMV to the very last image of the game, the storyline, graphics, and music compel you in a way that no other game can. There is just something about it that drives you to play more, and love it more each time you play it.
Final Fantasy VII was made over five years ago in 1997, and is still the favorite over the majority of RPG fans all over the world. Small groups of people criticize Final Fantasy VII as a "Bad game", but the majority reigns supreme. To be sure that a game is bad, you must finish it, and the small group of people who dislike Final Fantasy VII didn?t finish the First Disc of the massive three-disc adventure. If you are contemplating playing this game, let me suggest a bit of advice, finish the game before you jump to conclusions.
With all of it?s glory, Final Fantasy VII remains the game that single handedly changed the gaming industry forever. This game brings the importance and grace that comes from putting superior graphics, sound, character development, and most importantly storyline at the forefront to make the ultimate gaming experience. If you haven?t played this game, you simply haven?t lived.
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