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Kingdom Hearts

Action RPG
Kingdom Hearts
  • September 16, 2002
  • March 28, 2002
  • November 15, 2002
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Square and Disney. Perfect match or complete screw up?

A Kingdom Hearts review Author: LittleCactaur Published: October 17, 2002
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Who would?ve thought that Squaresoft, a refined and highly recognized maker of RPG?s and Disney, a movie company aimed to please children with films and fairy tales, could bring a product such as this? Most people, including myself, rolled their eyes, thinking that this game was geared towards children and was going to be, amongst other things, a horrible game. I was ready to ignore it. But my eyes began to shift a little towards the glass case at the electronics store. My eyes were sort of drawn to the box. Thus, out of pure curiosity, I bought the game and hoped for the best. And to my surprise, I became addicted.
Kingdom hearts adds the action based battles, graphics and storyline we?ve come to expect from Squaresoft, and blends them perfectly with the characters and various worlds of the classic Disney films such as ?Aladdin?, ?The Little Mermaid?, ?Hercules? and several others. As the story progresses, you find yourself wanting more and more. By the end of the game, you are surprised to find your timer at 99:98:39 and going.
This game is everything you thought it wasn?t and more. I wasn?t expecting much from this title, but trust me, i got my moneys worth. If you?re not so much a Disney fan, you just might find that you like this game despite all the Disney fluff integrated with square?s quality gaming experiencing. This game MAY seem perfect, but there is one flaw. The camera.
The camera tends to shift along with the main Character, Sora. This can be a problem because if you get in front of an object and the camera is behind you, you can?t see anything! This can really hurt you, especially in a boss battle. However you can shift the camera manually by using the L2 and R2 buttons. So that helps. Other than that, this game rocks. Pick it up if you can stomach the Disney within the game ;)
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