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SaGa Frontier 2

Traditional RPG
  • January 31, 2000
  • April 1, 1999
  • March 22, 2000
B 27 total ratings
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Bob's review of SaGa Frontier 2

A SaGa Frontier 2 review Author: Bob Published: May 12, 2003
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Usually, I go for gimmicks when talking to large groups of people, but you're all too smart for that. I considered getting really FUCKING drunk then writing a review, but I desided that doing so would just be crude. Also, I have NO alcohol to get drunk off of, and so I resort to a sober, surly review.
This game is rather beautiful, super-deformed sprite people aside, and even without the aid of certain inbriating subtances, I've found myself staring at the background cels for overly concentrated amounts of time.
I also found myself CURSING this game for overly concentrated amounts of time. I detest random battles with a passion, and when I have to SEE the lil' bastards that get in the way of storyline, it just pisses me off all the more. Gameplay aint all that bad, in all honesty-epic battles are great fun untill you have to play as a different character than Gustav, which, you know... Is IMPOSSIBLE.
But I do recollect a realitively worthy storyline, some pretty fun characters, and interesting ways to develope skills for said characters... There's a certain epic style to this game that is rather appealing, but can't begin to compare to a lot of other games. But that goes without saying. Those other games are rather like omnipotent dietys walking amidst their lackluster brethran, and should be put into a class all their own. As should SaGa Frontier 2... A class of boring, inane, trite random battles with a sparkling of charm mixed in for good measure.
The fact that you follow a whole slew of different characters is a bit hard to do the right way, I guess(I assume you should traverse one after the other), but I ended up putting around both storylines, getting the timelines mixed up, until I was verily confused... Mostly because I was quite distracted by a certain beautiful young lady in my life, but that's another story.
There's a certain influx of odd little storyline quirks, crossing over each other, but they'll be lost on you if you play one all the way through, and then the next. My tip to you is to hop from one to the next, keep it balanced and enjoy the detail put into making the game's proceeding history more real(as real as it could get, I guess).
Goddamnit. Look, there really isn't enough left to be said about this game besides... If you find it in a bargain bin, or for cheaper than twenty-five dollars, get it, play it, and enjoy it if you can. I wouldn't suggest renting it, as it'd be waste. You'd just play it, return it, then forget about it. Then, when you rented it again, you'd have forgotten everything about it except the random battles suck, and restart it, then you'd probably just play the one storyline you like, and like I said... It's not as good that way.
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