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Final Fantasy Tactics Advance

Game Designers Studio
Tactical RPG
Final Fantasy
  • 9 September, 2003
  • 14 February, 2003
  • 3 October, 2003
A- 67 total ratings
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Could be the best portable strategy game ever...

A Final Fantasy Tactics Advance review Author: LittleCactaur Published: September 19, 2003
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While everyone else with a Game Boy Advance is playing it, everyone else wants to own it. That's understandably so. But what makes this game so great? To be Honest, I?m not a strategy game fan. I never even bothered to play the original Final Fantasy Tactics. But once you own this game, from the time you look at the packaging until you're sixteen hours into the game in two days, you find yourself completely absorbed.
You assume the role of Marche, an ordinary kid who, through some mysterious phenomenon (which I won't go into details over because of some potential spoilers) is launched into the Final Fantasy realm. Soon after, Marche is busy joining clans and battling monster after monster after monster after, well you get the idea...
The storyline isn't as involved as most Final Fantasy fans would expect. Most of the storyline is speckled in-between around 7 or 8 battles and is, for the most part, simple and easy for almost anyone to understand. With the game play mostly focusing on the battling, who NEEDS a storyline anyway? Nevertheless, the story IS there, just not a whole lot of it.
The battling system is introduced right at the beginning of the game, in the form of an innocent snowball fight. It's a great turn-based system too. The person with the highest speed goes first and goes all the way down the line. The menu pops up and asks everything from where you want to move on the battlefield, what attack you want to perform even which direction to face. Attacks from the front often miss because the characters are suposed to "see it coming" and dodge it, making attacks from the side and behind more effective, and planning and strategy are a MUST before you put in your commands (hence 'tactics' in the title). Judges reign over the battlefield, handing out penalty cards to those who break laws enforced on the field before battle (like no use of fire, no swords etc...), and sending people off to get ganged raped in prison until other clan members can earn enough gil to bail him/her out. If Marche is sent to prison during a battle, it's game-over. After the battle you are rewarded with some gil, an item or two and some AP, which is distributed among your active clan. Abilities are learned by equipping weapons and accessories, then battling with them and earning the AP fter the battle. During the game, other than battling, you get to choose which missions to go on at the pub, and sometimes have to dispatch a member of your clan to deal with a situation alone. You also can buy items, weapons or capture monsters. At the pub you can also hear the latest rumors, which are more like pointers to help you make good choices on the battlefield, just styled as rumors. All in all, there is a lot to accomplish.
Another good thing about this game is the varying amount of jobs and classes available to you and your clan. You can change your job instantly in-between battles and classes range from black/white/red mages to soldier and thief to moogle to ninja to almost anything you can possibly imagine.
And let's not forget the soundtrack! The battle theme, very cheery instead dark and boring, is running through my head right now, and will most likely do the same for you. The tunes are very catchy and suit the style and feel of the game almost perfectly.
Even though this game lacks a solid storyline, the rest of the game is solid as a rock. With potentially more than 90 hours of game play available, this game is going be worth every red cent of your purchase. This game marks the triumphant return of joint projects between Square and Nintendo, and it looks like they're starting things off with a bang!
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