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Chrono Trigger

Traditional RPG
  • September 27, 1995
  • March 11, 1995
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Setting the Bar

A Chrono Trigger review Author: Zoom Published: July 24, 2002
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We hear a clock ticking in the utter darkness. Slowly but surely we realize that we?re in a cold place. Then a pendulum slowly comes into view, swinging back and forth. Ticking. Although we do not realize it yet, this darkness symbolizes the end of time. And this place will soon symbolize the entire masterpiece for the Super Nintendo, and what it is about.
Thus begins Chrono Trigger, a masterful game put together nearly 7 years ago, yet still having a tremendous impact in the gaming world today. It?s a game that sets our minds free, leading us to tremendous worlds in just a few short days.
Although Chrono Trigger was rather long ago, and it did play on SNES, it was different from the rest of the ?clone? RPG?s of the time. It had multiple endings, making this a varied RPG, where you actions led to what kind of ending you would receive. It made use of the Active Battle Scenario where you didn?t switch screens for enemy or boss fights. This active battle scenario should draw nearly all gamers to check CT out.
The graphics and were outstandingly drawn in a lush 2D world with sprites performing many different actions fluently and masterfully. Each place is beautifully drawn to symbolize the area and time.
Music in the game is nearly perfect in all aspects, rendering a great deal of personalization for each character and place in game. The music does a good job of ?setting the scene? throughout the game, and it still something that hardcore RPG fans find themselves listening to as MIDI? on their computers today.
But the part of the game that sets this apart is the plot. You cross through time through portals, or later on with your ship the Epoch. The plot is deeper than most and you adventure into different lands for different things. Each time period you visit enlightens your team more and more, and near the end of the game you a true master of it. The final confrontation is so rewarding that you?ll want to go back again and again for all 12 different endings, as well as to complete the many different side quests near the end of the game.
Editor's Grade
dotted line "Evaluate this game with 9.5 out of 10. It?s so close to near perfect it?s not even funny. ?It?s awesome baby!? is what Dick Vitale would say. If you have not played or will not play Chrono Trigger, you?re only hurting yourself."
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