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Super Mario RPG

Square & Nintendo
Traditional RPG
  • May 13, 1996
  • March 9, 1996
A- 73 total ratings
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The Princess? Missing? Never!

A Super Mario RPG review Author: Zoom Published: August 02, 2002
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The Italian plumber is brought into households this time by Squaresoft, and this time he takes on an adventure unlike any other. Set in a fully 3D-like world, Super Mario RPG pushes the boundaries of the Super Nintendo system to a new level, while at the same time returning the gamer to reminisce with classic Nintendo characters such as Yoshi, Mario, and Princess Toadstool.
These charming Nintendo characters from past Nintendo games, when put into a Square RPG, create a blast of fun as well as wild, imaginative ideas. The game plot plays fairly linear, falling in line with most games of the period in which it was released. Although are a few points in the game in which you can stray from the game into varied side quests and mini games, for the most part the game is kept straight and to the point(especially by today?s standards), an unfortunate downside not making use of the inventive world. Another somewhat odd tidbit is that Mario never talks ? this makes the story even more interesting as you go along, seeing him try to act out things to other people.
As stated earlier, the game takes place in a 3D-like world. This means that the game is 2D, put in a 3/4 perspective (not quite overhead, not quite parallel with the ground). Unfortunately, by using a SNES control pad to move Mario, performing precision tasks (like leaping to a small ledge) can prove very frustrating. There are hidden treasure boxes scattered throughout the game, many of which involve jumping almost perfectly, which can be difficult at times. The graphics face no other major problems. Interface besides this is smooth, and graphics are very smooth and detailed looking at the ground. The sprites are very good, each with individual actions and sounds that fit each character appropriately. At times though, one may find Mario?s mustache slightly too big, even for him. Overall, graphics are beautifully brought together to make a solid base for the game.
The battle system of the game plays like the classic Squaresoft separate screen battle setup, but with a few Nintendo twists. At any given time up to three hero battle monsters, each character with his or her own unique abilities and equipment. Character growth is very simple, with attack, defense, and hit points increasing at each level up. However, a Nintendo added twist is at each level up, you can choose to increase one of these stats slightly more than average. This can lead each character to be individual tailored with a certain trait by the end of the game. Characters each have their own unique weapons which fit them well. Princess Toadstool carries a frying pan, Mario carries a hammer, and so on and so forth. The menus, both battle and regular are very smooth and easy to use, and are especially easy for younger and/or brain dead gamers.
Music is fairly strong, with a score from?well, I have no idea. What matters is that it's good. Most of the music is classic Nintendo with perhaps a dab of Squaresoft orchestral masterpiece in it. By no means do you want to sleep with it on at night, but for the game each piece is sufficient to what the game needs for flavoring. The only complaint one could have is perhaps to get rid of the noise Mario makes whenever he jumps; which, needless to say is quite often, and induces vomiting after a time.
Playing Super Mario RPG is definitely a nice break from the hardcore Role Playing Game and classic Mario adventures. Not only is the games plot amusing and funny at times, but it also has features that only Squaresoft can manage to muster.
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dotted line "Nintendo character?s with Squaresoft engineering adds a fresh breath of air to any gamers RPG collection. A few things become repetitive in the game, but for the most part SMRPG becomes a solid SNES title in the grand scheme of things."
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