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Final Fantasy Tactics

Tactical RPG
Final Fantasy
  • 27 January, 1998
  • 20 June, 1997
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A War to Remember

A Final Fantasy Tactics review Author: Wiegraf Published: March 18, 2004
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Final Fantasy Tactics is the most intriguing, realistic and well-made game I have ever played, not to mention my favorite (hence, my name). Before you think I'm hopelessly biased, let me show you what makes FFT perfection in a jewel case.
The story of Final Fantasy Tactics is the part that I find realistic. It revolves around a land that is split by a disagreement over succession to its throne. This sounds like something that could happen in our real world (and has happened).
Tactics is interesting because of it's hero and your character, Ramza Beoulve. So many times in games like this you control a warrior who comes from the tiny town and becomes famous as he rights the wrongs of the world with one hand and signs autographs for the adoring ladyfolk with the other. Ramza isn't that, and it makes him very intriguing. Ramza is the son of the noble knight Balbanes, but he is trapped in the shadow of his half-brothers Zalbag and Dycedarg, who command the military corps of their nation, Gallione. He feels left out and treated like a child, considering his lineage. The main relationship in the game is between Ramza and his friend Delita Hyral, a commoner who was aided by the Beoulve family in order to gain admittance to the exclusive Gariland Academy, the cadet school where Ramza also trains. Ramza's other large relationship is with his sister Alma, who Ramza protects in the classic "big-brother" type of way. The story involves a plot behind the scenes to influence the succession of the land of Ivalice, and is very well-written (though not too well-translated).
Ramza gets to play out his story in Tactics' best feature: the battles. With 70 seperate scripted (and innumerable random) battles, there's tons of room for seperate strategies and tactics, taking into account not only the terrain but also the game's best feature: The job system. The game is able to balance story and battle very well, and has an extra feature called the "Brave Story" that gives you backstory on the characters you've met so far, allows you to replay story scenes, and look at treasures and lands you've uncovered during the game's propositions.
If there is one thing that hinders Final Fantasy Tactics, it would have to be the translation, which is simply abbhorent in parts (such as the proposition report screen, where you will see "I got a good feeling!" during every, single, report.)However, this is not enough to drop Final Fantasy Tactics below other good StrategyRPG's.
The story, battle complexity and Final Fantasy pedigree combine to create a hard-to-surpass gaming experience. Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm off for another play.
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