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Final Fantasy Mystic Quest

Traditional RPG
  • October 5, 1992
  • September 10, 1993
  • 1993
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They Can't All Be Classics

A Final Fantasy Mystic Quest review Author: Wiegraf Published: March 19, 2004
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Let me say this. Final Fantasy Mystic Quest is nowhere near the worst game ever made. However, it is not worthy of its name either. This "beginner" RPG is not for people really trying to figure out what the genre is about. Or anyone for that matter.
Final Fantasy Mystic Quest drops you into the shoes of the classic hero, who is sent out into the world to defeat the ominous "Dark King". On your way towards this goal, you'll slog your way through simplistic dungeon after simplistic dungeon with your trusty, sidekicks. See, the second character position on FFMQ is like a revolving human door--people will enter and leave your party seemingly at will with no rhyme or reason. It doesn't really matter who's in your party because the battles are not exactly chess when it comes to strategy. Hit, hit, cure, hit some more, cure again if needed, hit hit hit slay. It's a good thing the enemies of earth haven't thought up another way to attack than the classic "hit-hit-hit-hit-hit-hit-aw crap-death" attack pattern.
Adding to this is the fact that at first the game's battles seem challenging--when I played, I had to almost constantly heal to stay alive in some parts. However, this is one of the main problems with the game: bugs and unbalanced items. For example, an item called a Seed replenishes much of your magic. In a town in the game, this item can be bought for a tiny price, which basically cheapens any battle which requires a lot of curing down to a "who cures first?" war of attrition. As far as bugs, some treasure chests in the game become restocked with items if you leave the screen and return. Obviously, this doesn't ratchet up the difficulty level much.
Now I will give some props for the game on its sound and graphics, which are surprisingly well done. The graphics in particular seem very proper for this game aimed at a younger audience--they are colorful and not too detailed. And while the storyline isn't anything special...the best compliment is that it could have been worse. Despite being not only riddled but enveloped and beaten senseless by cliches, the game still holds the simple charm of the young warrior off to save the world from the minions of evil. Go get em, tiger.
Final Fantasy Mystic Quest is not a game that will make you bow before your SNES in wonder, screaming "I'm Not worthy!!" However, it is a carefree fun diversion that is exactly that--good clean fun. Just don't take it too seriously, or expect that all RPG's are like this. And if you have a little sibling, let them take a turn--they'll probably have a blast.
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dotted line "Final Fantasy Mystic Quest is a RPG with polish in parts but a huge hole in the main part of the genre--Storyline. Still, it can be small doses."
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