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Threads of Fate

Action RPG
  • 07/18/00
  • 10/14/99
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Threads of Fate

A Threads of Fate review Author: Marc Published: January 08, 2001
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Since Squaresoft's diversion from the seriousness of the Final Fantasy series with Brave Fencer Musashi, gamers have been wanting more of that trademark cute graphical style and interesting gameplay (and the voice acting!). Threads of Fate just may sate those gaming hungers. With vibrant graphics, adorable characters, and a storyline that contradicts that winsomeness, this gem is poised to upstage little Musashi in his own genre.
Storyline-wise, Threads of Fate follows the tale of two characters -- Rue and Mint -- as they quest for that coveted relic that's comparable to a genie in a bottle, the Dewprism. Rue's intentions are to use the Dewprism to revive his only friend and true love of his life, Claire, who was killed by a mysterious man in black. Mint, on the other hand, isn't as selfless; She plans to depone her sister as queen and claim the throne. Each has their unique storyline, and each will encounter their own obstacles of their end goal as well.
Threads of Fate's graphical style is akin to Brave Fencer Musashi, only with sharper, more plentiful textures, better polygonal models, and more explorative regions. You'll gape in awe at the texture quality -- the game could been mistaken for a Dreamcast title. There's even a bit of gouraud shading thrown in for extra "Wow" effect. The polygonal models accompany the crisp textures nicely, and there's a variety of character and architectural design. The explorative regions and locales aren't massive, but there's enough of them to compromise for their lack of expanse.
Nevermind the small world areas; you'll be too busy slashing, hacking, casting magic, and transforming with the cool battle system, particular for each character. Besides Rue's guitar-like weapon (the "axe," if you will), he can acquire special enemy medallions and transform into a creature for as long as his magic points hold out. Each creature has two attacks, and some puzzles through the game are impassible without the proper creature (i.e. an ice-wall can only be melted with a fire-dragon). Mint has dual chakaras with which to combat her opponents, but she can also cast various magic spells to subdue her opponents. She is a very powerful sorceress, and her ability will come in handy as well through her mission.
Along with the whimsical soundtrack, Threads of Fate is an excellent game. It's childlike graphics will hook you from the start, and it's creative gameplay and uncharacteristically dark storyline will rope you in for the death knell. Your free time will disappear as you try to advance one step further in the life of Rue or Mint. Whichever role you choose, their fate lies in your hands.

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