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The three valuations of Einhander

An Einhander review Author: Matt Berti Published: June 07, 2004
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I'll first admit to you that I'm not much into shooters. As such, don't take my word as gospel, but Einhander is one of the most polished, challenging, and solid games in publication.

The Einhander shoots a giant mecha-tarantula with a frickin laser
The first thing that you'll realize about Einhander is that it's visually impressive. From a graphical standpoint, Einhander has crisp and impressive graphics that are even more formidable under the consideration that this is a first-generation PlayStation title. The visual style and design of the crafts only add to the game's graphical grandeur. The next thing you'll notice about Einhander is that it has tight, responsive controls that, coupled with the game's versatile, invigorating gameplay, formulate a concoction that exhilarates the soul and makes the world a better place. Finally, you'll come to a complete understanding of the Tao of Einhander when you realize its most principle paradigm: Einhander is really, really fucking hard. As I mentioned, I'm in no form intimate with the shooter genre, but I think I can vouch for its proponents when I say that you will find one hell of a challenge with Einhander. Either that or I'm just a big fat pussy.
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dotted line "Einhander is practically flawless in its conception - slick graphics, tight controls and awesome gameplay. It's really, really fucking hard though."
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