March 28, 2008, Square Haven has ceased updates indefinitely. What you see below is an archived version.

Square Haven Splash Archive

A collection of splash pages dating back to the Haven relaunch of Spring 2002. Descriptions are by Matt.

Feb 2002 "Ensuing Procrastination"

The fantastic splash that Paul calls "The most appropriate splash image. In the history of Square Haven. Ever." Indeed, it was quite fitting as this is the splash image we put up on the day we were supposed to launch. Ah well. Procrastination ensued for approximately three more months when the forsaken procrastination was smitten by God and the holy realm of Square Haven returned yet again.

April 2002 "And God Saw this and it was Good."

We finally decided to launch in May and set a date. To celebrate the momentous occasion, we composed a new splash page. tada.

May 26 2002 "Pending Haven"

Three days before launch we implemented this countdown splash which foretold the amount of hours, minutes, and seconds before launch. Sho nuff we launched when the timer reached zero. The script is now counting the amount of time left till I turn 46 years old. Yay!

May 29 2002 "The Day the Godforsaken Procrastination was Smitten by God"

I found some bible verse and switched it a little. I'm definitely going to Hell.

June 12 2002 "Twinkle Twinkle Little Haven"

Sort of a rehash of a splash page I did many years ago for the site. I like it a little.

June 22 2002 "Aya = Hot"

meh. My creative juices haven't seem to be flowing lately...

October 17 2002 "'God, I pray for Square Haven, for they hath sinned. And sinned. and sinned.'"

I did this splash page, like, years ago. This is from one of the SH versions that are lost forever on my fried harddrive located in some garbage heap somewhere. How did I acquire it, you ask? Why, from the Internet Archive, of course.

2002 "Revisiting the Past, Awaiting the Future"

A magnificent splash by Paul

2003 "Crystal Cronicles"

August 5 2003 "Final Fantasy"

Paul's Final Fantasy splash is indeed exsquisite, do you not agree? A true work of modern art.

December 25, 2003 "Festive Holiday Splash '03!!"

Rahul has blessed us this holiday season with a fine holiday splash that surely conveys the spirit of the season.

April 16, 2004 "Square Enix Boobs: An Evolution"

An analytical look at the evolution of the inherent values instilled by a company into its product as per what would most accurately meet consumer demand. Read: a whole bunch of boobies.

July 1, 2004 "Narshe, Ho!"

This splash, in which Terra, Biggs, and Wedge plough through the snowy fields en route to Narshe, is one of my favorites.

August 1, 2004 "Moogle"

We received a cease and desist e-mail from Google for this one, hence the reason "Narshe, Ho" returned.

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