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天使の怖れ:菊田 裕樹インタビュー
「ビデオゲームをめぐる問いと思想」 井上明人
ローカライズ戦略: Alexander O. Smithとのインタビュー
強くあることを恐れない: Kari Wahlgrenとのインタビュー
バルフレアという役の舞台作り:Gideon Emeryとのインタビュー
Near Death Experience: 弘田 佳孝 インタビュー

Jeriaska believes in the following nonprofits: Alcor, CRN, SIAI.

8bit Hero! posts

The Pioneers series of articles offers highlights from the work of prolific creators within the Square Enix sphere. Research involves plumbing the depths of the internet for English and Japanese-language sources, drawing from published interviews, official websites, and a panoply of highly informed fansites. The articles include a representative sampling of the subject’s artistic medium (be it music, writing, or illustration) to best represent their work as it has developed over time.

Q&A sessions are an opportunity to hear the points-of-view of various creative individuals directly involved in the videogame industry. Subject matter includes, but is not limited to, first exposure to interactive entertainment or Japanese culture, the challenges of finding one’s voice through the medium of videogames, and future plans in the industry. Previous guests have included visual artists, English-language localizers, music composers, and voice actors.

Music 4 Games reviews:

Kinema in the Hall
Square Enix Battle Tracks Vol.1
Vielen Dank
Front Mission Alternative
Project Sylpheed
Valkyrie Profile 2 Silmeria Arrange
Ridge Racer 7 Direct Audio
FolksSoul Original Soundtrack


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