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Breath of Fire IV Original Soundtrack

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 Disc 1
Disc 1 Name Artist Type In-game location Time
1 Breath of Fire IV - Opening Animation Iwashiro      
2 The End, the Beginning. - Main Theme        
3 Run Straight        
4 The World Beneath Your Feet        
5 It's a Light Twist       2:03
6 2000 If You Win        
7 (Relaxed & Stressed)        
8 The End, the Beginning.        
9 No Good, No Good, No Good        
10 Relaxed        
11 First Emperor        
12 Men of War        
13 Quit While You're Ahead        
14 God of War        
15 Small Village in the Desert        
16 Turn It Around, Turn It Around        
17 Under Pressure        
18 Bastard Sword        
19 Also Working Today        
20 Of Unsound Mind        
21 Bitter Air        
22 Reality and Dreams        
23 Watch Your Step        
24 Darkness        
25 Yet the Merchants Will Go        
26 A Man        
27 Sound of a Little Zenny        
28 Brave Heart        
29 Dying Wish        
30 Maybe I'll Even Buy a Sheep        
31 Freefall        
32 How Long Will the Rain Last?        
33 Whirlpool in the Stomach (The Frog's Song)        
34 Flutter (Butterfly)        
35 Stripes on Your Ass (Buzz Buzz Buzz)        
36 The Unchanging Ones        
 Disc 2
Disc 2 Name Artist Type In-game location Time
1 Song of the Plains        
2 The Tree Spirit        
3 Thousand Wings        
4 Far From the Promised Land        
5 Rap a Tap Tap        
6 What de Samba?        
7 Get the Fish!        
8 Caught a Big One!        
9 The Landscape        
10 Like the Sun, Like the Moon        
11 It's a Faerie!        
12 Game Over        
13 Prayer        
14 Brave Even Toward Death        
15 Curse        
16 Turismo        
17 Replay        
18 Seagull Flies        
19 Go by Ship!        
20 Pab-Pab Puka-Puka        
21 Pavane for a Dead Princess Ravel      
22 Annihilation        
23 Beast of God        
24 The Tyrannical Emperor's Banquet        
25 Dragon's Blood        
26 I. From the Sky, a Single Feather   (MIDI arranged)    
27 II. Relaxed & Stressed   (MIDI arranged)    
28 III. The End, the Beginning   (MIDI arranged)    
29 The Tyrannical Emperor's Banquet - Remix   (MIDI arranged)    
30 Pab-Pab Puka-Puka Song   (MIDI arranged)    
31 A Little Bit After a Dream   (MIDI arranged)    
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