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Stella Deus Original Soundtrack

The freedom of working through Basiscape has allowed Hitoshi Sakimoto to reunite with Ogre compatriot Masaharu Iwata for strategy RPG Stella Deus. The title track, "Alchemy," builds on the martial themes of the Tactics series, transitioning from the weightiness of a march to the euphonic solo by wind instruments. The composer brings together two emotional extremes into a completely natural whole, a perfect explication of the method of counterpoint. Setting the stage for the game world, the song communicates to the player, here you will be compelled to act decisively against formidable challenges, and yet you will also have the opportunity to freely play and explore with leisure. The soundtrack is another solid contribution by the musical team very much in the vain of Ogre Battle and Final Fantasy Tactics.

- Jeriaska (May 29, 2007)

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Track list translation: Game Music Revolution.
 Disc 1
Disc 1 Name Artist Type In-game location Time
1 Alchemy Hitoshi Sakimoto      
2 Name Entry Hitoshi Sakimoto      
3 Briefing Masaharu Iwata      
4 Requiem Hitoshi Sakimoto      
5 Powerful Theme Masaharu Iwata      
6 Imperial Army Masaharu Iwata      
7 Time for Activity Masaharu Iwata      
8 Mission Clear Hitoshi Sakimoto      
9 Danger Hitoshi Sakimoto      
10 Sinister Design Hitoshi Sakimoto      
11 World Map Hitoshi Sakimoto      
12 Shop Masaharu Iwata      
13 Guild Masaharu Iwata      
14 Save - Load Screen Hitoshi Sakimoto      
15 Tutorial Masaharu Iwata      
16 Bright Atmosphere Hitoshi Sakimoto      
17 Main Battle Theme Hitoshi Sakimoto      
18 Everyday Masaharu Iwata      
19 Formidable Enemy Masaharu Iwata      
20 Game Over Hitoshi Sakimoto      
21 Heroine's Theme Hitoshi Sakimoto      
22 Recollections of the Past Hitoshi Sakimoto      
23 Prince of a Ruined Country Hitoshi Sakimoto      
24 Disciple of Light Masaharu Iwata      
25 Turning Point Masaharu Iwata      
26 Religious Group's Theme Masaharu Iwata      
27 Tense Atmosphere Hitoshi Sakimoto      
28 Unfavorable Circumstances Masaharu Iwata      
29 While Feeling Doubt Hitoshi Sakimoto      
30 Infiltration Masaharu Iwata      
31 Holy Kingdom Masaharu Iwata      
32 Disciple of Darkness Hitoshi Sakimoto      
33 Vize Masaharu Iwata      
34 Nature Masaharu Iwata      
35 Four Great Spirits Masaharu Iwata      
36 Ruins of Taboo Masaharu Iwata      
37 Ancient Spirit Masaharu Iwata      
38 Highlands Masaharu Iwata      
39 Decisive Battle Masaharu Iwata      
40 March for the Heroes Masaharu Iwata      
41 Epilogue Masaharu Iwata      
42 Holy Spirit Hitoshi Sakimoto      
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