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Cross Gate: All in One Pack

DWANGO/Zener Works/ponsbic
Online Network RPG
  • December 22, 2004
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Set in the Middle Ages of Europe, the Faren Kingdom rules over the continent. The land was peaceful for several hundred years until an evil spirit began doing it's thing. The King has called for someone to find out what the hell is going on. A great disaster swept the land, and the King is putting his faith in a summoning, the same thing that saved the land once before. That was in the days of yore though, the game is now on it's '3rd kit'. Apparently there's a badass evil god prowling around like he owns the place, and the world is in peril once more these days. It's up to the heroes to sort things out here. This includes all 3 power up kits, so it's the goods.

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Cross Gate: All in One Pack box
December 22, 2004


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