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Final Fantasy XI

Square Enix
Final Fantasy
  • November 22, 2007
  • 16 May, 2002
  • 16 September, 2004
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The lands of Vana'diel open to the world as Final Fantasy moves online. Several nations comprising several unique races do battle with one another, gaining and losing possession of land as they go, and you and your friends will take part in this in any way you see fit. The Rise of the Zilart expansion adds summoning and several new character classes to the mix, and it's not worth ignoring that Final Fantasy XI will retain its cohesive storytelling ability even in MMORPG form.

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  • As you might already know, members from the current Final Fantasy XI team are working on a next generation MMO, but it still hasn't been decided whether that's going to be a game in the FF series, a continuation, or a totally new game. We are working on it, but it hasn't been decided that far yet.
    Hiromichi Tanaka, explaining in a recent interview the latest Square Enix non-news
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  • Final Fantasy XI gets intellectual
    Upcoming Final Fantasy XI expansion Wings of the Goddess will feature a new character class: the scholar. As seen above, the scholar will sport a fetching hat, unnecessarily high socks, and eyeglasses which pierce into academic infinity. Square Enix relates that, "extensive knowledge of ancient martial theory granted [him] the ability to wield dual schools of magic, between which [he] would alternate depending on the situation at hand." Sounds like a Red Mage to me.
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