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Final Fantasy XII

Square Enix
Traditional RPG
Final Fantasy
  • October 31, 2006
  • March 16, 2006
  • February 23, 2007
A- 69 total ratings
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Final Fantasy XII media

The Zodiac Job System packaging source: Square Enix 08/08/07
A Zodiac Job System wallpaper featuring the Judges source: Square Enix 08/08/07
2 Zodiac Job System artworks source: Square Enix 08/08/07
10 Zodiac Job System screens source: Jeuxfrance 07/27/07
Yet 2 more Zodiac Job System scans source: Jeuxfrance 07/21/07
2 more Zodiac Job System scans source: Jeuxfrance 07/11/07
Larsa and Vossler Final Fantasy XII International scan source: Jeuxfrance 06/22/07
FFXII International: Zodiac Job System scan source: Jeuxfrance 06/15/07
UK Cosplay at the Final Fantasy XII launch event source: Silicon Era 02/26/07
Double Platinum Award at Playstation Awards 2006 source: GameWatch 07/27/06
Limited Edition Soundtrack source: Wikipedia 03/22/06
6 official wallpapers source: Square Enix 03/14/06
Final Fantasy XII\'s Famitsu score (far right column) source: Jeux France 03/08/06
The Final Fantasy XII memory card line   02/18/06
8 character scans source: Jeux France 01/27/06
6 scans of bangaas, gambit system, Archades Senate and the Judges source: Jeux France 01/21/06
The Final Fantaxy XII Potion Line   01/21/06
3 more scans; three more Judges   12/29/05
2 scans featuring the Judges source: Dengeki 10/31/05
3 scans; man on the logo source: Jeux France 10/30/05
6 summary scans   10/22/05
4 scans; Ramon on throne   10/12/05
7 new scans, featuring Ramon source: Jeux France 09/24/05
15 Square Enix Party Demo Screenshots source: Jeux France 08/28/05
Scans of the Square Enix Party 2005 Pamphlet source: GameFront 07/30/05
7 Famitsu scans; a visual summary of previous scans source: SquareNet 07/30/05
3 flashy scans source: SquareNet 07/22/05
14 screens   05/16/05
Pirate scans!   05/14/05
Scans from Jump with new Ashe design   05/12/05
2 Pieces of Basch Artwork source: GPARA 06/04/04
9 Basch Screenshots source: GPARA 06/04/04
E3 - Battle scenes, screens from the intro, and ... moogles! source: G4tv 05/22/04
FMV of moogle armies, Viera and airships source: G4tv 05/22/04
22 super high resolution screenshots source: GameSpot 05/11/04
11 full motion video screenshots source: GameSpot 05/11/04
9 pieces of character art and scenes source: GameSpot 05/11/04
Screens showing off the new battle system   04/28/04
Pannero and Vaan in a tropical city   04/23/04
Scans of Pannero source: Jump Magazine 04/16/04
4 Character Wallpapers source: Square Enix 04/03/04
In-game character models & miscellaneous screenshots   02/01/04
Fran and Balfreya character art scans   12/17/03
9 in-game screenshots source: Square Enix 12/12/03
8 movie screenshots source: Square Enix 12/12/03
Official PR material from Square Enix (character art, scenery, and wallpaper) source: Gamespot 11/20/03
Famitsu scans of character art, scenery, screenshots and CG source: Famitsu 11/19/03
First official screens and character art source: Quiter 11/19/03
High-res versions of the Shonen Jump screenshots source: Quiter 11/16/03
First Shonen Jump scans source: Quiter 11/13/03
Teaser image & staff bios   12/29/02
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