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Front Mission 5

Square Enix
Front Mission
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  • December 29, 2005
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Front Mission 5 overview

Front Mission 5 synopsis

The scars of war mark the face of Walter Feng, a wanzer pilot stationed on a Huffman Island military base belonging to the United States of the New Continent... but Walter's military duties come into conflict with his childhood memories when he encounters his friend Glen on the battlefield on the opposing side of the Oceanic Community Union.

Front Mission 5: Scars of the War takes place over thirty years, and includes familiar faces from the history of the Front Mission series, including cameos by Roid Clive, Ash Faruk, Earl McCoy, and Darril Traubel. Produced by series visionary Toshiro Tsuchida, Scars of the War aims to encapsulate the history of the series in a single streamlined narrative.