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Valkyrie Profile -Silmeria-

Traditional RPG
  • September 26, 2006
  • June 22, 2006
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Valkyrie Profile -Silmeria- overview

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Hundreds of years before Valkyrie Profile, Silmeria has been reincarnated into the body of Alicia, the princess of Dipan. Eager to war wage with Odin, the king exiles the young girl for her curse and begins forbidden research to increase his power to stand against the gods. Now, with the fate of Midgard hanging by a thread, Alicia must break free and join all those who would stand by her to struggle against fate and secure the Dragon Orb as the forces of Asgard rage to seize her body and soul in Odin's name. Thus, against all odds: vengeance and humanity.

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  • Quarter financial results: Squeenix in the green
    squenix.gifThe results are in for the first quarter of the current fiscal year and Square Enix has turned a profit of 888 million yen ($7.60 million USD) from 37.20 billion yen ($318.21 million USD) of sales. This constitutes a tripling of sales and no less than sixteen times the same quarter's profits last year. More specifically, titles such as Valkyrie Profile: Silmeria and Dragon Quest VIII selling in Japan and Europe contributed to the 363 million yen ($3.11 million USD) profit of the Square Enix game division, while the official Final Fantasy XII strategy guide also did its part by increasing the profits of the publishing division more than one hundred percent. A new Final Fantasy XI expansion (along with original title's XBox release) helped boost online sales sixty percent. The only loser was Square Enix's subsidiary Taito, whose acquisition you may recall to have been just under a year ago; it has since suffered an operating loss of 663 million yen ($5.67 million USD). No, there is nothing clever to say. Merely weep at the loss of money.
    news article 30 July 2006 by Ziyad  -50  no new comments 14 commentss permalink permalink
  • Festa preps Japan for Silmeria
    vp_silmeria.JPGWith the approaching release of Valkyrie Profile Silmeria, Square Enix's Tokyo "Valkyrie Festa 2006" was an exciting event for many Valkyrie fans. In addition to taking the title for a spin and mindlessly throwing away their yen on merchandise, attendees also received the opportunity to glance firsthand at the costumes used in Silmeria's commercials and listen to the game's producer and voice cast hint at Lenneth's appearance in this Valkyrie Profile sequel. Finally, Motoi Sakuraba descended from his mountaintop enclave to perform fourteen songs of his very own composition live. Bet you wish you were there. Valkyrie Profile: Silmeria releases June 22 in Japan. Famitsu
    news article 06 June 2006 by Ziyad  1  no new comments discuss permalink permalink
  • An E3 2006 approaches. Command?
    e3.gifSquare Enix's lineup for this year has 14 HP and a lot of mana to spare. Oh, and there's a new title for Seiken Densetsu IV... Link
    news article 24 Apr 2006 by Rahul  -49  no new comments 12 commentss permalink permalink
  • Square Enix and friends lay sights on 360
    360.JPGOwn an X-Box 360? Ready for some real Square Enix RPG goodness? Keep waiting. In a recent Microsoft press conference, Square Enix unveiled Project Sylph, their newest foray into next-gen first person shooters. Thankfully, Star Ocean creators Tri-Ace also announced an RPG being developed for Microsoft Game Studios while Squeenix expatriate Hironobu Sakaguchi's Mistwalker provided trailers for Lost Odyssey and Blue Dragon. Given some time, your 360 purchase may have actually been worthwhile. Maybe. Joystiq
    news article 16 Apr 2006 by Ziyad  29  no new comments 5 commentss permalink permalink

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Hajime KojimaHajime Kojima
Motoi SakurabaMotoi Sakuraba
Yo YoshinariYo Yoshinari
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Yoshinori YamazakiYoshinori Yamazaki
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Valkyrie Profile -Silmeria- box
September 26, 2006


Valkyrie Profile -Silmeria- box
PlayStation 2
Square Enix
June 22, 2006

Valkyrie Profile -Silmeria- box

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PlayStation 2
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June 22, 2006


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