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Final Fantasy VII

Traditional RPG
Final Fantasy
  • September 7, 1997
  • October 2, 1997
  • November 4, 1997
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Final Fantasy VII overview

Final Fantasy VII synopsis

When the sins of a corrupt organization begin to harm the Earth, A band of rebels step in to make right of the unspeakable acts caused by the evil corporation known as Shinra. But what begins as a rebellion against an evil empire becomes much more. And what erupts goes well beyond imagination.

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Final Fantasy VII game guide

Square Haven's Guide to Final Fantasy VII includes character information, walkthrough, secrets & strategies, items & equipment, bestiary & monster data, and more

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  • Disgusting monkey foot finally reveals Final Fantasy VII remake to all
    In a page from V-Jump, the text reads "Welcome again FFVII", and "FFVII is about finding the lost truths of Cloud and the others". Thank you, oracle foot. Though you may disgust us all, we kowtow in reverence to your clairvoyance.
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  • The Black Mages III: Opening - Bombing Mission
    Square Enix and Nobuo Uematsu recently announced the The Black Mages III, the newest installment in the Black Mages series of full-scaled albums of battle-themed remixes. "Opening - Bombing Mission" from Final Fantasy VII has been announced as the only track so far and included as a sample below.
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