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Star Ocean: The Second Story

Action RPG
Star Ocean
  • May 31, 1999
  • March 3, 2005
  • April 12, 2000
A 23 total ratings
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Star Ocean: The Second Story News

  • Sakuraba to stage Valkyrie concert
    sakuraba.JPGYou won't be hearing any Wagner at Roppongi's Laforet Museum this June 4th, but fans of Tri-Ace are in for a treat. Famed composer Motoi Sakuraba will be holding a concert to celebrate the impending release of Valkyrie Profile Silmeria. The concert's instrumentation will consist of only a bass, drums, and piano (the latter performed by Sakuraba himself) and will feature music not only from Valkyrie Profile and Silmeria, but also the Star Ocean series as well. Tickets will be available tomorrow at Square Enix's official site; Valkyrie Profile Silmeria releases June 22nd in Japan. Famitsu
    news article 01 Apr 2006 by Ziyad  -12  no new comments discuss permalink permalink
  • More PS One Books goodies
    so2_crawd.PNGFollowing a similar announcement, Sony Computer Entertainment has released information that both Star Ocean: The Second Story as well Dragon Quest IV: Michibikareshi Monotachi will be added to their budget PS One Books Japanese series. The two classics have an expected re-release date of March 3rd, and will be priced at 2,500 yen ($24.41 US) and 3,500 yen ($34.18 US), respectively. There is still no word on any trans-continental release, though little can be expected. Famitsu
    news article 28 Jan 2005 by Ziyad  0  no new comments discuss permalink permalink
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