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Chrono Trigger

Traditional RPG
  • September 27, 1995
  • March 11, 1995
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Boy meets girl. Girl is inadvertently swept back in time. Boy gives chase. Boy discovers that an alien macro-parasite lies dormant deep within the planet, slowly draining the planet of its energy in preparation for an apocalyptic awakening. The world's demise is all but predestined. Boy endeavors to do the unthinkable: defy destiny.

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Chrono Trigger game guide

Square Haven's Guide to Chrono Trigger includes character information, items & equipment, and more

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  • Retronauts discuss Chrono Trigger
    If you like to listen to the biggest geeks in the universe sit around and yak about how much they know about games, you will love the most recent episode of Retronauts. As an added bonus, the topic of the "discussion" is Chrono Trigger.
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  • Chrono Trigger retranslation
    "All dialogue in the game, as well as all lists of items, weapons, armor, locations, etc. have been rendered in English once more. A clearer portrayal of Chrono Trigger as intended by its Japanese creators is now available. It is not the opinion of this project that Ted Woolsey's official translation was bad or insufficient in any way -- only that some essence of the game was lost or altered, given Nintendo of America's censorship standards and the inability of the game to hold all the original text when translated to English."

    Head on over for an overview of what's changed. Certainly interesting for hardcore CT fans, although in some cases it's understandable why Ted Woolsey chose to say things in a certain way -- certainly, not including Japanese phrases like "-sama" is arguably the better judgment call.
    news article 07 Oct 2007 by Rahul discuss discuss permalink permalink
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