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Secret of Mana

Action RPG
Seiken Densetsu
  • October, 1993
  • 6 August, 1993
A- 79 total ratings
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Falling off a bridge located near his rural village, a boy wanders through a forbidden forest and discovers a sacred sword... Pulling the sword from the ground, he discovers the sudden appearance of monsters in the woods, and upon returning to his village, he finds it under attack by a hideous insect. Though he is able to vanquish the beast, the town elder concludes that the sword is the cause of the town's troubles, and the boy is expelled from the village to find a new home.

Secret of Mana is among the most beloved of Square's games for the 16-bit Super Nintendo, featuring colorful graphics, fun gameplay, an enthralling storyline, and unforgettable music. The second title in the Seiken Densetsu series, it set standards for future titles.

Director- Hiromichi Tanaka
Composer- Hiroki Kikuta
Programmer- Nasir Gebelli
Localization- Ted Woolsey

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  • Slice and dice: the downsizing of Secret of Mana

    EDITORIAL: To veteran Square newsgoers, or long time and active readers of this site, this won't come as new news. However, I find it worth mentioning in this new Blurb system. I love Secret of Mana; it was my first RPG, my first Square game, the first game that almost insurmountably challenged me. And in all this time, my only complaint was that portions of the script seemed..anorexic at times. References made to things such as Dyluck's origin were ambiguous and non-informative. It turns out that major portions of the game really were sliced off.

    Secret of Mana was to be one of the flagships of the Super Nintendo CD-ROM drive. When that fell through with all the intrigue and speed of Russia's democracy, as much as 40% of Secret of Mana's content was removed.

    But, Japanese nationalism holds that if everybody has to be screwed over, then at least us gaijins should get it worse. The English localization was allocated a mere thirty days, with script alterations made for differing spatial requirements between regional technology.

    As far as I know, no copy of the original, CD-ROM based script has been publicly uploaded. It would be nice to see a retranslation in the vein of the Chrono Trigger retranslation to be presently found on our front page (how self-referential!), but at the present, it seems that anybody curious as to the original narrative vision of Secret of Mana is shit out of luck.

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