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Parasite Eve

Parasite Eve
  • 09/09/98
  • 03/29/98
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Parasite Eve

A Parasite Eve review Author: Marc Published: December 08, 1999
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Subsequent to the advent of Final Fantasy VII, Squaresoft launched headlong into a marketing blitz in America. Their next released project would be one of off-beat proportions. Being a hybrid child, Parasite Eve combined the stylings of cinematography and the traditional elements of RPG'dom. A global hit, it sold millions of copies -- never doubt Squaresoft's ability to integrate new ideas into even the thickest of continental skulls. Perhaps its sexy starring lady played a bit part in selling just a few copies... in any event, Parasite Eve landed with a stratosphere-resonating boom in the states, and its presence hasn't been forgotten.
Ye ol' Carnegie Hall

Aya Brea: age 25; single; white; female. Aya was living the normal, dismal life of a New York cop. She decided she needed to get out more, so she called up one of her old friends and asked him if he'd like to join her for a night at the opera. Arriving in a limo almost too late, they quickly took their seats and began to enjoy the lovely seranade of an Italian romance. A menacing stare, a flash of flames, and suddenly the entire theatre's audience was up in a blaze, all except two: Aya and the diva on stage. Approaching the actress with great suspicion, Aya began an informal interrogation until Eve -- the person the actress "claimed" to be -- began to interrogate Aya, asking her if her mitochondria had awakened. Aya's body began feeling hot, and she was somehow imbued with the powers of 'Parasite Energy.' The actress subsequently fled, and a confused Aya pursued, determined to find the answers to this all but understood enigma.
Just another day on the job

Parasite Eve is what you would have visually expected from Squaresoft at the time: three-dimensional, polygonal characters superimposed on two-dimensional, rendered backgrounds. While the in-game graphics are common-style, the CG is not; this is superb CG. The scenes are separated into many, smaller one time scenes rather than a few, long and elaborate ones. It fits with the story's fast paced nature, though. One complaint, however: the joints of the elbows. It's good that Squaresoft has now perfected this hideous problem, but it's present in Parasite Eve. Just avert your eyes.
Who is that masked pianist? The piano tunes for Parasite Eve are unbelievable. Other than that, the remaining morbid music carries through the rest of the game. It can be a bit tiresome listening to it, but the upbeat battle theme should keep you awake.
The battle system is similar to any other Squaresoft RPG, only now you can roam around freely and without space-occupying menu boxes. Aya can whip out a trusty gun or baton and lay some major smack-down on her enemies, or she can go the impressive route and spread some lethal pixie dust on her hapless foes. Aya has the powers of 'Parasite Energy' within her -- that translates into various magic attacks. While she has all of these neat toys with which to slay her enemies, she still has to run around and wait her turn; the timebar -- another commodity popularized by Squaresoft -- plays a factor. This seems odd and out of place in the urbanized world of New York City. Aya will also gain bonus points which she can distribute to extra inventory space or more power or defense. She can also upgrade her weapons by adding special features into slots in her guns by way of the bonus point system.
Who's gonna pay for all this?

Aya will collect a plethora of munitions, armor,and medicine along her journey. She'll be able to equip or use one of them at a time, although her inventory will suffer because of it. That's a minor complaint; the inventory system wasn't thought out well. As you gain extra equipment, your inventory space will shrink, and there's no compensating for the shrinkage. You'll come across several item boxes with extra items in them, and you can store an item in each one, but you can only store one. That cramps your backpack severely, and you'll be throwing away precious medical supplies or a substitute weapon because of it.
While there is an EX mode after beating the game, there are few surprises or incentives present to justify playing through once more. An omake mode would've been nice as there is little to offer in the extra features department. Overall, however, Parasite Eve has all that's needed to be a great game. It's industrial environment may have turn hard-core RPG fans off, but those who have already played it know that Parasite Eve was a new approach to RPGs... a decent one, at that.
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dotted line "Parasite Eve is a fresh attempt at creating a cinematic game and comes off as a decent enough RPG, though lacking in a few key areas."
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