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Final Fantasy V

Traditional RPG
Final Fantasy
  • 6 December, 1992
B+ 54 total ratings
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Final Fantasy V

A Final Fantasy V review Author: Sharleen Hii Published: June 22, 2000
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Seven years after its initial release, Final Fantasy V found its way to North American shores through Final Fantasy Anthology. The game had been considered for a North American release twice before, but was dropped both times. At last North American gamers have the chance to enjoy the fifth installment of the Final Fantasy series.
Only you can prevent forest fires

The story begins in the kingdom of Tycoon, where its king has sensed that something has gone awry with the wind's flow. Telling his daughter Reina to stay within the castle's walls, he flies atop a dragon to the Wind Shrine. There the wind's essence, the Wind Crystal, is kept. As soon as King Tycoon arrives in the chamber containing the Wind Crystal, it shatters into a dozen pieces. The wind's flow ceases immediately and others feel the change. Elsewhere in the kingdom, a young adventurer named Bartz and his chocobo Boko laze around a campfire. As they relax, a giant meteor falls from the skies and crashes nearby. As the tremors caused by the impact cease, Bartz and his chocobo steed extinguish their campfire and decide to investigate. Thus begins the tale of Final Fantasy V.
Graphically, Final Fantasy V isn't impressive. In fact, Final Fantasy V's graphics seem horribly dated even by those of Final Fantasy VI. Although Square has included two beautifully rendered FMV sequences in the beginning and ending of the game, the lackluster visuals still leaves much to be desired. Despite this, the characters in the game display an impressive amount of emotions in their limited sprite forms.

As in tradition with the Final Fantasy series, Nobuo Uematsu provides Final Fantasy V with a fantastic musical score. The music in FFV suits and helps set the mood of the game. A pirate's lair is given a roguish air, the theme of the ancient mechanical ruins of Ronka are given a feeling of mystery while the sounds of machinery pound in the background, and the lively theme played while battling Gilgamesh is a fan favourite even today. Unfortunately the quality of the sound engineering is sub par. Many agree that the music of Final Fantasy V was much more impressive in its original cartridge form as opposed to its PlayStation counterpart.
Final Fantasy V's true strength resides in its gameplay. The battle system consists of several Jobs that can be assigned to a character. Characters gain Ability Points, or ABP, which contribute to learning new abilities and skills for their assigned Jobs. Once learned, these skills are forever etched into the character's memory and can be used in conjunction with other Jobs. For example, a White Mage learns how to utilize White magic. However, the player decides he wants his White Mage to have more physical strength and changes him into a Knight. Since the White magic ability was learned, the Knight can now equip the White ability and utilize White magic. This system allows for customization and many powerful combinations. Fans may recognize this system as the one that paved the way for the Job system featured in Final Fantasy Tactics.
Y'aarr!! I be a pi-rate!

Unfortunately the load times in Final Fantasy V are quite poor. The loading is very noticeable while going in and out of battle, and spell and attack animations often lag the game. Some menu screens take a considerable time to load as well.
The story and characterization of Final Fantasy V seem a bit weak, even for their time. However the game is still solid and enjoyable despite its flaws. At last, Final Fantasy V is available in North America. While it isn't perfect, it's a game that Final Fantasy fans will want to try.
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dotted line "Final Fantasy V manages to work around the apparent flaws to become a fairly enjoyable title that all Final Fantasy fans will want to eventually try."
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