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Final Fantasy

Traditional RPG
Final Fantasy
  • July 12, 1990
  • December 18, 1987
A- 36 total ratings
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  • Videogame look-a-likes
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  • Discussion Point: the transition from XII to XIII
    Final Fantasy XIII, whenever it finally launches, will take us right back to the zippers-and-hairspray aesthetic of the Nomura/Kitase/Nojima alliance that rules the series (and indeed, nearly everything to come from the Square half of Square Enix) these days. No doubt XIII will feature very impressive visuals and some clever combat rules and impressive character-twinking possibilities and an inventive new take on the concept of amnesiac heroes who have to save the the world from a beautiful, porcelain-skinned megalomaniac that wants to become a new god. But it likely won't be a brilliant, innovative fusion of numerous disparate styles, a synthesis of western and eastern RPG tradition, a collaboration of single- and multi-player RPG concepts. It won't be Final Fantasy XII, in other words.
    - Jeremy Parish, Final Fantasy XII review
    Are you looking forward to the transition back to a traditional Final Fantasy XIII, or are you loathing it?
    news article 28 Nov 2007 by Matt discuss 15 comments permalink permalink