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Chrono Cross

Traditional RPG
  • 15 August, 2000
  • 18 November, 1999
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An Abomination

A Chrono Cross review Author: Jeriaska Published: May 10, 2006
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Simply put, Chrono Cross is an abomination. Many people on the forums seem to enjoy playing this strange brew of outlandish plotlines and uninteresting caricatures, for reasons I cannot possibly begin to fathom. This supposed sequel to the near-perfect Chrono Trigger was slapped together by my personal nemesis, Masato Kato, the brainchild of Xenogears, another title almost entirely devoid of redeeming features. Why is Chrono Cross so unspeakably bad? Well, for starters, the story is convoluted and nonsensical. The cast includes over sixty lame, undeveloped characters including a stick, a clump of mud, a fork, and a sandwich. The heroes are made of cardboard and speak in annoying dialects approximating Cockney and Frenchish Ebonics. A far cry from the exceedingly likeable Crono, Marle, Frog, Robo, Lucca, and Magus, the protagonists of Chrono Cross are lifeless marionettes. Why we should care about these ciphers in the first place never really hits home.
Stickfigure: "Before the destructive mind-set could become dominant, Schala cloned herself and sent her copy into this dimension. But it still remains to be seen why we should give a shit..."

Where Chrono Trigger was fun and carefree, Chrono Cross is morose and overwrought. The game focuses on death and misery to a disconcerting extend, especially as it progresses towards one of its various anti-climactic endings. The makers of Chrono Cross also put a lot of time into creating a confusing, elaborate, and moronically bad battle system to match the game's bewildering plot. Enemies are viewable on the overhead map, much like in the predecessor, except that the game leisurely switches to a separate battle screen when enemies are encountered. This forces upon the player the rather tedious ritual of switching back and forth between running around and facing enemies, where part of the object of the original system was to keep the pace moving while warping from epoch to epoch.

Masato Kato has some serious blood on his hands
So, considering this "sequel" features none of the same characters, what is the connection to Chrono Trigger, you ask? Well, in actuality, there is little continuity to speak of, apart from the fact that all the heroes are dead. Yep, you heard right. Chrono Cross literally slaughters its predecessor, solely for the sake of a weak through-line. Every single one of the Chrono Trigger protagonists is summarily executed in adolescence, no less, in an attempt to quite tactlessly fuck over fans of the light-hearted original. I believe this is an important fact to mention to those going into the game hoping for a continuation of CT's memorable plot. Will we see more of Crono, Lucca, Marle, and the gang? Nope! Everybody is dead. And if that's a spoiler, then this entire game reeks of something spoiled. The fact that Masato Kato et al. so unceremoniously slaughtered the heroes of Chrono Trigger cheapens the entire experience, one that is something of a travesty in and of itself.

Kid: "If only I weren't trapped in such a horrible fucking game..."
If there is one redeeming feature to Chrono Cross, it is Yasunori Mitsuda's admirable score. There are a number of soothing melodies to be found, remarkable in their quality of composition. Namely, the world map theme functions as a dignified homage to the original. But in true Chrono Cross fashion, the otherwise pristine score is sullied by having the same utterly horrendous battle theme persist through the entire game. This is quite possibly the most annoying battle theme in all of the history of sound! I came away from this atrocious RPG with next to nothing, but I think the first few bars of that brain-grating song will haunt me for a long, long time.

All in all, Chrono Cross pretty much blows in every conceivable department. This would only be a minor outrage if the game weren't the sequel to Square's brilliant Chrono Trigger, one of the best RPG's ever to grace the Super Famicom console. If I had a spaceship that could voyage to the past, I would tell myself not to bother with this unredeemable waste of time.

I honestly have no idea how anyone who has been through Chrono Trigger could possiblle approve of this game. It's just that bad.

Originally published 8/11/04
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