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Dissidia Final Fantasy

Square Enix
Final Fantasy
  • 2008
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Dissidia Final Fantasy preview

In an alternate universe, the villains and heroes of Final Fantasy wage war in a battle between darkness and light. Zidane and Kuja, Garland and the Warrior of Light, Cosmos and Chaos fight to determine which is the greater power, creation or destruction.
Diagram of the control scheme


Name Game Origin
Warrior of Light Final Fantasy
Garland Final Fantasy
Firion Final Fantasy II
Emperor Palamecia Final Fantasy II
Cloud of Darkness Final Fantasy III
Golbez Final Fantasy IV
Exdeath Final Fantasy V
Kefka Final Fantasy VI
Sephiroth Final Fantasy VII
Squall Leonhart Final Fantasy VIII
Ultimecia Final Fantasy VIII
Zidane Final Fantasy IX
Kuja Final Fantasy IX
Tidus Final Fantasy X
Jecht Final Fantasy X
Chaos, god of darkness Final Fantasy
Cosmos, goddess of light new character

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Tidus and Jecht? No thanks. All this game needed was a little Blitzball action to make it completely gay.

Why do they have just Sephiroth? Like it's going to come as some huge surprise when they reveal Cloud is in the game too. It looks like they are avoiding FFXII. Yeah, I guess nobody wants to see a Basch / Gabranth fight... (sniff).
I loved blitzball!

Since characters seem to be coming in groups of two, I wonder: who else will make a showing for VI? Terra seems like the obvious choice. But I wouldn't be surprised if Celes, Edgar, Setzer, or Sabin fills the slot instead.
I'm surprised no one is going crazy over Kefka.
Do people that are excited about Dissidia care about the classics?
Finally I can kick Sephiroth ass with Kefka XD
but believe or not Tidus and Jecht are like the best Characters! They only have three Blitzball actions each. Jecht is probably the best villian he has mad ATK, SPD and DEF and his Blitzball Action is the best and it is really cool looking!
Tidus is okay, he has the best SPD out of the heroes but he is pretty good.
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