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Final Fantasy Tactics

Tactical RPG
Final Fantasy
  • 27 January, 1998
  • 20 June, 1997
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Final Fantasy Tactics Helmets

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Helmets top
Sq Ch Kn Ar Mk Pr Wi TM Su Th
Me Or Ge Ln Sm Nj Cl Bd Dc   
  Name HP Cost Bonus
Rosin helmet with great elasticity. Leather Helmet 10 200  
Standard bronze helmet. Bronze Helmet 20 500  
Sturdy steel helmet. Iron Helmet 30 1000  
Large helmet with a T-shaped gap for the face. Barbuta 40 1500  
Mythril helmet. Light and sturdy. Mythril Helmet 50 2100  
Gold Helmet. Gold Helmet 60 2800  
Helmet that covers head and neck.  The face guard protects the face. Cross Helmet 70 2800  
Inlaid cross helmet.  Spiritually dense gems increase helmet's power. Diamond Helmet 80 6000  
Mythril and platinum helmet.  Has a white luster. Platinum Helmet 90 8000  
Helmet with inlay on the forehead.  Ears are exposed to make it lighter. Circlet 100 10000  
Inlaid crystal helmet.  The crystals look like mined gems. Crystal Helmet 120 14000  
Black foreign helmet.  Made of steel with a unique shape. Genji Helmet 130 --  
Helmet that prevents abnormal status. Grand Helmet 150 -- Cancel: Darkness, Sleep

Hats top
Sq Ch Kn Ar Mk Pr Wi TM Su Th
Me Or Ge Ln Sm Nj Cl Bd Dc   
  Name HP MP Cost Bonus
Sturdy leather hat. Leather Hat 8 -- 150  
Sturdy white feathered hat. Feather Hat 16 5 350  
Red cloth hood. Red Hood 24 8 800  
Leather headgear.  Sturdy leather hat. Headgear 32 -- 1200 AT Physical +1
3-cornered hat with magic pattern on top. Triangle Hat 40 12 1800 AT Magic +1
Beret worn by a special unit. Green Beret 48 -- 3000 Speed +1
Twisted towel wrapped around one's head.  Strengthens one. Twist Headband 56 -- 5000 AT Physical +2
Nobles' hat for holy workers who conduct ceremonies. Holy Miter 64 20 6000 AT Magic +1
Black cloth hood. Black Hood 72 -- 7000  
Beautiful golden hairpin. Golden Hairpin 80 50 12000 Cancel: Silence
Crystal hat whose spiritual power increases agility and magic attack power. Flash Hat 88 15 16000 AT Magic +1; Speed +1
Hat increases agility and prevents abnormal status. Thief Hat 100 -- 35000 Speed +2; Cancel: Don't Move, Don't Act

Ribbons top
Sq Ch Kn Ar Mk Pr Wi TM Su Th
Me Or Ge Ln Sm Nj Cl Bd Dc   
Only female units may equip
  Name HP Cost Bonus
Hairband that prevents abnormal status. Cachusha 20 20000 Cancel: Undead, Darkness, Silence, Frog, Poison, Slow, Don't Move, Don't Act, Death Sentence
Hairpin that prevents abnormal status. Barette 20 20000 Cancel: Dead, Petrify, Invitation, Confusion, Blood Suck, Berserk, Stop, Charm, Sleep
Ribbon that prevents abnormal status. Ribbon 10 60000 Cancel: Dead, Undead, Petrify, Invitation, Darkness, Confusion, Silence, Blood Suck, Berserk, Frog, Poison, Slow, Stop, Charm, Sleep, Don't Move, Don't Act, Death Sentence
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