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Final Fantasy Tactics

Tactical RPG
Final Fantasy
  • 27 January, 1998
  • 20 June, 1997
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Final Fantasy Tactics Weapons (Page 2)

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Rods top
Sq Ch Kn Ar Mk Pr Wi TM Su Th
Me Or Ge Ln Sm Nj Cl Bd Dc   
2 hands 2-swords
  Name Atk Ev% Cost Bonus
Rod-like oak weapon. Rod 3 20 200  
Rod with lightning elemental. Thunder Rod 3 20 400 Lightning elemental; Strengthen: Lightning; Magic: Bolt
Rod with fire elemental. Flame Rod 3 20 400 Fire elemental; Strengthen: Fire; Magic: Fire
Rod with ice elemental. Ice Rod 3 20 400 Ice elemental; Strengthen: Ice; Magic: Ice
Rod with deadly poison on its tip. Poison Rod 3 20 500 Add: Poison
Rod that increases magic ability of the user. Wizard Rod 4 20 8000 AT Magic +2
Rod carried by one attended by dragons.  Tip made of dragon bone. Dragon Rod 5 20 12000  
Rod that fills those who touch it with faith. Faith Rod 5 20 -- Always: Faith; Add: Faith

Staffs top
Sq Ch Kn Ar Mk Pr Wi TM Su Th
Me Or Ge Ln Sm Nj Cl Bd Dc   
2 hands 2-swords
  Name Atk Ev% Cost Bonus
Oak staff. Oak Staff 3 15 120  
Staff for one who takes holy orders.  Symbolic meaning is stronger than its power in battle. White Staff 3 15 800 Cancel: Death Sentence
Staff with power of spirit inside.  Restores HP of whomever it strikes. Healing Staff 4 15 4000 Restores HP when used in attack
Staff with serpent scales on the tip. Rainbow Staff 5 15 2220  
Cypress staff.  Increases magic attack power of user. Wizard Staff 4 15 4000 AT Magic +1
Glittering golden staff. Gold Staff 6 15 7000  
Staff that strengthens the power of the user. Mace of Zeus 6 15 -- AT Physical +2, Magic +1
Stick that one finds lying anywhere. Sage Staff 7 15 --  

Hammers top
Sq Ch Kn Ar Mk Pr Wi TM Su Th
Me Or Ge Ln Sm Nj Cl Bd Dc   
2 hands 2-swords
  Name Atk Cost Bonus
Wooden stick connected to a metal one, which is the attack portion. Flail 9 1200  
Weapon wit a iron hammer head. Flame Whip 11 4000 Fire elemental; Magic: Fire 2
Medieval mace. Morningstar 16 9000  
Like the Morningstar, but with one spike larger than the others. Scorpion Tail 23 40000  

Guns top
Sq Ch Kn Ar Mk Pr Wi TM Su Th
Me Or Ge Ln Sm Nj Cl Bd Dc   
Range: 8
  Name Atk Ev% Cost Bonus
Gun brought from Romanda, an area to the north. Romanda Gun 6 5 5000  
Mythril gun. Mythril Gun 8 5 15000  
Petrifying gun. Stone Gun 16 5 -- Petrify
Gun that shoots ice-elemental bullets. Blaze Gun 20 5 -- Ice elemental
Gun that shoots fire-elemental bullets. Glacier Gun 21 5 -- Fire elemental
Gun that shoots lightning-elemental bullets. Blast Gun 22 5 -- Lightning elemental

Crossbows top
Sq Ch Kn Ar Mk Pr Wi TM Su Th
Me Or Ge Ln Sm Nj Cl Bd Dc   
Range: 4
  Name Atk Ev% Cost Bonus
Crossbow you can shoot with one hand.  Uses short arrows. Bow Gun 3 5 400  
Crossbow that shoots special arrows causing abnormal status. Knight Killer 3 5 1500 Add: Darkness
Crossbow with improved mechanism, increasing attack power. Crossbow 4 5 2000  
Crossbow with a device that lets it use poison arrows. Poison Bow 4 5 4000 Add: Poison
Crossbow used to hunt monsters. Hunting Bow 6 5 8000  
Most powerful crossbow.  Unusually large, gives a huge reaction. Gastrafitis 10 5 20000  

Bows top
Sq Ch Kn Ar Mk Pr Wi TM Su Th
Me Or Ge Ln Sm Nj Cl Bd Dc   
2 hands only Range: 5
  Name Atk Cost Bonus
Standard bow.  An extensive range, lasts a long time. Long Bow 4 800  
Silver bow.  Reinforced with thin slats of horn and wood. Silver Bow 5 1500  
Bow that shoots ice-elemental arrows. Ice Bow 5 2000 Ice elemental
Bow that shoots arrows at lightning speed.  Lightning-elemental arrows. Lightning Bow 6 3000 Lightning elemental; Magic: Bolt 2
Bow that shoots ultra-high-speed arrows.  Wind elemental arrows.  Increases damage with a vacuum created around the arrow. Windslash Bow 8 8000 Wind elemental
Mythril-reinforced bow. Mythril Bow 7 5000  
Bow of the hunting goddess. Artemis Bow 10 22000  
Bow of a famous archer.  Huge bow with tremendous power. Yoichi Bow 12 --  
Bow used by mythological hero.  Made entirely of metal, it requires great strength to pull it. Perseus Bow 16 --  
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